Using gummies for when I need to public speak

When I got promoted at work and it required me traveling and speaking in public, I thought I was going to have to turn it down.

I have severe anxiety when it comes to public speaking and meeting new people.

I get sweaty, my voice gets shaky and sometimes I pass out. Rather than immediately give up on the idea, I started researching what to do. A lot of articles recommended practicing speaking in public, doing yoga before and all sorts of stress relief stuff. A friend of mine then said I should smoke weed before a big presentation. He said that he never is worried about anything while he is high. I think my buddy was joking, but I took his suggestion to heart. I went to my doctor to get a prescription for legal weed. I wanted a higher grade of cannabis and to have a medical card in case someone caught me with it. Getting medical marijuana was so easy. The people in the medical marijuana industry were intelligent, friendly and so knowledgeable. The legal cannabis dispensary I went to was amazing at finding the right product for me. I didn’t want to smoke a joint or smell like weed when at a big meeting. Even if I had a medical marijuana card, I didn’t want to flaunt it. The budtender then recommended cannabis gummies. I have gummies with just CBD and some with THC content. I like to think of them as the mild and heavy dose of relaxation. I have used them for a while now and it is working well!

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