Thankfully they are now doing delivery

With the pandemic still bumping, I’ve been needing my legal cannabis more than ever.

They help me sleep, focus and also have more energy.

I just feel better. I am in a bad zone for the pandemic though. It would be very bad if I caught covid-19. That’s one of the things I stress about. So I’ve been wearing my mask & washing my hands lots of times. I’ve also been having our food delivered to my house and getting groceries loaded in my car. However, I’ve been avoiding going to my cannabis store because it’s a very small store & I think it would be impossible to stay 6 feet away from the other people inside of it. But I started running out of my marijuana products so I decided to give my legal cannabis dispensary a call & see if they could possibly get my stuff together. I was hoping I could just go into the store, give them money and leave. I wanted it quickly & efficiently. I was surprised that the budtender who answered the phone told me that not only can they do that for me, but they can do curbside pick up or cannabis delivery to my house. All I have to do is prepay for our cannabis products, provide ID and then wait. I either have it set on my front porch or drive up,call the store to let them know I am there and get it. I was excited. I went ahead & ordered all my stuff because it was so easy.


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