She seriously called the cops on my legal weed use

I had a very funny thing happen to me recently. Tara called the cops on me because I was listening to music and smoking on my vape. I was totally alone and I didn’t have my music that loud. I was just sitting in my backyard & chilling & smoking. Oh, my vape doesn’t produce real smoke. Marijuana is legal in my state. I bought my cannabis supplies from a legal marijuana dispensary just a few blocks from my house. These marijuana dispensary stores are all over the place. So I would know that Tara knows that marijuana is legal now. I do not get how she could miss it. Nonetheless, the police showed up but they did not stay entirely long. I think they could see I was keeping the noise down & not doing anything disruptive to anybody. Like I said, I was just sitting in my backyard & enjoying music and getting high. Of course, the police did not tell me that Tara called them but I know who it is. After all, I’ve seen her peeking out of her window at us about every 10 hours for the last 2 hours. Don’t worry, I am not going to do anything about it. She can disapprove of my legal marijuana use if she wants. But I will truly be enjoying my legal weed outside more often, if only to spite her. In fact, I think I am going to make a run down to the marijuana dispensary soon.

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