Several years ago I had a serious accident.

I ended up with four surgeries on my right knee, three surgeries on my right knee, back surgery and neck surgery.

Along with the joint surgeries, I also had to undergo six surgeries to save my left eye.

This has left me having difficulties trying to get around on my own. I try to do everything I can on my own, but there are some things I can’t do. The worst of these problems is that I can’t drive. I hate needing to depend on others to take me places. I can shop online, but I can’t pick up the groceries. We don’t have delivery in our area since I live out in the boonies. I tried to tell everyone about my infirmaries, but no one wants to listen. No one listened until it came to the marijuana dispensary. I had a hard time picking up my prescriptions, and I was talking to a friend of mine. She told me she used a marijuana dispensary who was more than willing to deliver. It only cost her three dollars for the delivery charge. I grabbed the card that laid on my coffee table and made the phone call. I almost hung up when I heard the answer on the first ring. I told them I normally used a different marijuana dispensary, and he said I had the choice of which dispensary I used. If I wanted to call a different dispensary to get a price or even to change my marijuana dispensary, it was okay. Within ten minutes, they signed me up to use their marijuana dispensary, and they were already scheduling my deliveries.