Nice buying legal weed for once

I live in a state where marijuana use is not allowed to be used for recreational purposes.

Of course, that does not stop me from getting weed from a dealer.

I was super excited to visit my friend Will in his state because recreational marijuana use is legal there. My friend Will also uses marijuana all the time & he was glad to show me around his city. There are a lot of legal marijuana dispensaries, cannabis cafes and growing facilities there. I think we must have visited just about every marijuana building around. Needless to say, it was an entirely wonderful trip. Because, of course, there’s no legal way for me to get cannabis products back home to my state. That means that Will & I had to enjoy our products while I was still in his city. I have to say though, it was nicer to be able to buy our marijuana from a store and employee than from a shady drug dealer. The marijuana from the legal dispensary just seemed to be a much higher quality. I was impressed with all of the different products & options that the legal marijuana dispensary gave as well. I easily got a bit carried away because I wanted to try all the stuff. I think it’s kind of funny that a lot of people come to Will’s area for shopping when the cannabis facilities are way more interesting. I had a wonderful time with him and I am already planning my next visit.


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