Weed products for sale locally

I was shocked, SHOCKED! When I first found out there was now a recreational marijuana store opening only 5 minutes away from me.

  • The cannabis dispensary had all kinds of crazy options such as marijuana delivery and other weird cannabis products.

I heard sometime back that my state had legalized recreational marijuana, but I thought that was a silly rumor, a misconception! Anything but true. I always thought that weed products and the people who used them were gross and I couldn’t believe that there was now a recreational weed store right next to me! I started ranting to all of my friends, and telling them how they are now allowing cannabis stores to pop up all over the place! Most of my friends told me I was overreacting, and one of my friends actually became offended because apparently her brother uses legal cannabis products. I couldn’t believe no one agreed with me! I was friends with my neighbor, until I saw they had legal cannabis delivery service! I couldn’t believe my neighbor was…one of them! I started a petition to have the recreational cannabis store shut down, and almost everyone rebelled against me! Some of the people I thought were close friends are now going there! I feel like the only sane person left on this earth, and I am now considering moving to a different state, a state that has enough decency to keep weed illegal. At the least, if I can’t get that weed store shut down, then I will be moving far away in my state. Although I’m still considering going to a normal state, that doesn’t allow that junk in it.

legal recreational cannabis delivery