We really love smoking cannabis together

Our group of friends has consistently been close.

All of us are a collection of outcasts, for one reason or another, who find comfort and stimulation when we hang out together.

This basically means long weekends of hanging out together and doing little else but talk, play games, and smoke marijuana. The lockdown didn’t really affect us all that much, because we ignored it and hung out just as much as ever. No social distancing for us, but we never had outsiders over, it is consistently just the same group of people so I feel that helped to minimize the risks of the virus… Besides, we are sharing a bong and smoking cannabis all of the time, which pretty much means we are freely sharing germs regardless. Marijuana is known for causing coughing fits, which is a surefire way to spread germs throughout an entire dwelling. At this point in time we have all accepted that if one of us gets the virus, we all do. It’s a small price to pay to keep hanging out and smoking cannabis together on a regular basis. Actually one of us, Bobby, decided he wanted to minimize his risks, so all he uses is marijuana edibles. He actually keeps his mask on when he is hanging out with us. All of us tell him that he is still at risk, even without smoking marijuana with the bunch of us. It may not be reducing his risks much at all. Whatever the case, we definitely support his choice to use cannabis edibles because it keeps him calm, which helps him easily relax and have fun more than normal. Actually, I am starting to prefer the cannabis edibles too!



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