There really is no best kind of cannabis because everybody loves different strains

Everyone has their own favorites, right? So why is it that these days pretty much everyone has to fight as well as debate what the “best” of something is.

It’s the influence of social media, I think, that causes people to rank everything they prefer into a list… People are trying to find a consensus view as well as arguing over matters of taste.

“You believe that’s the best motion picture ever? You’re stupid!” It’s mostly the fault of Twitter, if I were to actually point fingers. Things in life can as well as should be enjoyed without all that additional stress… just chill out as well as enjoy life, idiots! Two buddies of mine were debating what strain of cannabis was the best, as well as I had to laugh at them for doing this. There is no such thing as the “best” kind of cannabis, because what is best for you may not be best for me, as well as vice versa. Instead of trying to fight about cannabis superiority, I just prefer tasting as well as smoking them all, as well as enjoying them on their own merits. If I don’t like a certain strain of cannabis I won’t go against it, I just make a mental note not to go with that kind any more… What does it matter to me if someone else really prefers it? The best thing that has happened to me is the opening of the cannabis dispensary just outside of town. Now I have access to so many different strains as well as flavors of cannabis, not to mention the CBD products which are actually great. I’m not searching for the “best” marijuana, quite frankly I want to try as many strains as I can manage!

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