Pairing cannabis and drinks is actually a good move to make

So my boyfriend took me to a pretty expensive eatery the other evening… It was a pretty nice locale compared to where we have been before, so it took us a little while to get comfortable.

Both of us had a hostess, as well as a waiter, and we also had another guy in a costly suit who I didn’t really know what he did… My boyfriend explained to me that he was there to help us pair our food as well as wine to the best degree. At that moment, it struck me something like a bolt of lightning — someone should pair up different types of drinks with different blends of cannabis. Not all smoke goes well with all drinks, as well as smoking the wrong strain of marijuana while sipping the wrong kind of liquor could easily lead to an unpleasant experience. I wanted to discover a way to be able to help people “pair” their alcohol consumption with their cannabis consumption. The last thing I ever want is to get entirely messed up, it can truly ruin a nice time. I am easily careful about what I drink when I’m trying different types of marijuana. On its own, cannabis never pushes me especially far, however when I have a couple of cocktails the mix can not be very pleasant. I have found that when smoking Indica products I appreciate a nice lager or an ale, however when I’m using Sativa I like a crisp white wine. I only ever drink hard liquor when I’m going for just CBD oil, or something that has a rather low THC amount to it. When I take cannabis edibles, I only choose to go for milk!


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