Experiencing marijuana and its affects

My neighbor showed me something interesting this week, plus I am not very sure how to respond to it, but i have a long distance friend, plus she lives in another state… When she came to visit me this week, she showed me a bin of weed products she had. I was surprised, I didn’t guess our neighbor did cannabis products, plus despite the fact that I knew her state allowed legal weed products, I knew I didn’t! I upset she was going to get in trouble, but she didn’t seem all that upset, however she told me I should try marijuana. She knew I struggled with anxiety, plus she said that legal cannabis products could very help with that. I’ll admit, I was pretty curious, however I decided I don’t want to get into any trouble, plus I told her next time I come to her site, I will absolutely have to try it. Sure enough, about a month later, I went plus visited her at her site. She took me to her preferred legal weed dispensary plus talked about all of the benefits of trying legal marijuana products. I wasn’t comfortable with trying marijuana while surrounded with people so every one of us left the legal cannabis dispensary plus she took me back to her site. Instead every one of us opted to try cannabis delivery service, something I didn’t even guess existed until she mentioned it, however the cannabis delivery was quick plus easy plus after that I had the product in our hands. I smoked with her for a while, plus I did assume our anxiety ease a bit. When every one of us were done, she asked me what I thought. I couldn’t see myself becoming an active user, however I could see how it could help.


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