Who comes up with the names?

There are a whole lot of new kinds of cannabis items coming out unquestionably often these days.

Occasionally you will hear people say that there is a new kind of cannabis and marijuana items on the market everyday.

It almost seems like marijuana has flooded the market. I like looking at cannabis dispensary websites for stores that are in my area once in a while, just to see what’s going on in the marijuana business. It’s neat to see all of the new cannabis strains that come out on the market everyday now. I know that most people genuinely don’t make it a habit of checking out their local cannabis dispensary websites, however I always like going online in addition to checking on the what’s new tab to see what might have just come out in the industry. I also am linked with marijuana blogs and I get the latest on research with marijuana. I especially like to see the name of the new cannabis strains for the marijuana products that they come up with. I love names like kush, haze, in addition to dream with a sativa or indica strain. I think it would be a fun task to have. I would love to name all those products. Coming up with names like that would be quite fun. Of course, I’m not in the marijuana industry and I am not qualified to do the job. But I still know it would be fun to come up with a name reflecting the smell or taste of a strain. I suppose I’ll just keep lurking around on the sites that tell me about them.

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