Was scared to smoke marijuana for a long time

When my brother and I were in high school, cannabis was a bad thing.

I remember every year doing an assembly about how bad all drugs were.

Weed was lumped in with cocaine and heroin for being so dangerous. The video shown always had somebody with no teeth, hair and job talking about how drugs ruined their lives. The videos were scary enough that for years I was against weed. I would be appalled by anyone who smoked. I considered smoking weed like doing meth, it was that bad in my head. My brother was the one who tried marijuana first. He convinced me that weed isn’t bad at all. It is natural, not addictive and actually quite fun. Once the social culture of weed changed, I started getting interested. My brother and I started smoking weed through a bowl with our friends. The two of us then started using bongs, hookahs or other smoking devices people had. The next step is now us as adults. Recreational marijuana is finally legal and I can get a good product to smoke in the comfort of my own home. My brother prefers a marijuana oil pen. We could be playing cards and he will take a hit or two. For me, I really like just vaping my product. Both ways are quite discreet and don’t smell. I can now smoke my weed easily and without guilt. I wonder what videos teens in high school are watching now. Will they be obsolete in a few years too? You never know right?

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