Trying a pipe for marijuana

My partner recently got me a water pipe for my marijuana and I love it.

Before last week, I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a water pipe.

I had never heard of one at all. I only thought that there were joints, hookahs and bongs. I also knew there were things like pot brownies. So the whole concept of a water pipe was new to me. However, I have truly been dealing with so much stress lately and I needed something to help me wind down. I hate the thought of taking any prescription drugs in addition to so when I looked into the good points of medical marijuana I thought that they sounded nice. Of course, marijuana does tend to make you feel like you need to eat more than normal, so I’m a little bit concerned about gaining weight while using my pipe. Other than that, there are no side effects at all that I have seen, in addition to my stress and anxiety has never been so good. I legitimately can’t believe how well the marijuana water pipe is doing as far as helping me to manage my stress issues. I truly wish that one of my medical professionals had recommended medical marijuana to me years back, but I know that they don’t get paid to do that. I heard that other pills get money behind them. The doctor wants to prescribe them due to a kickback. I hope that is not true.



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