Thank goodness they do delivery

Even though everything was shut down during the COVID-19 scare for our most recent pandemic, I still needed to be able to get my medical marijuana for my chronic pain. I have bad inflammation and sore muscles. So that’s why I was so cheerful to find out that there was a marijuana delivery service available for people like me who need medical marijuana on a daily basis throughout the year. Apparently, they have recently started a marijuana delivery service from my favorite dispensary right here in town! I was able to order all of my medical marijuana items from them over the phone or on my computer. Next, I sent them photo proof of my medical marijuana card. Once I put the order in for what I needed, a sweet driver from the marijuana dispensary brought all of my items right to my front step for me. I typically use a marijuana vape but occasionally I like to try other things too. For instance while I was in the COVID-19 shutdown, I ordered some pot brownies, orange kush, and some indicas. Of course, I asked them about the THC content in each of these things before ordering, but everything ended up being just what I wanted. I am unquestionably cheerful that they were able to put the marijuana delivery service into my area for people like me who need medical marijuana at the drop of a hat. Even though the whole shutdown has been a big pain for me, one thing is nice is the delivery service.

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