It’s nice having access to so many cannabis dispensaries

Although I don’t live in a very sizable city, I am very fortunate to have access to pretty much every kind of company or store that you could possibly need.

All of us have numerous different shopping malls full of department & clothing stores.

The last time I actually checked, the city limits contained at least four different supercenters & numerous different huge box hardware chains. It’s absolutely stunning when you start looking at the numbers & chart all of the businesses that are open around the town. When the recession of 2008 hit this area overwhelmingly hard, a good amount of buildings were vacant after businesses had to shutter their doors & close on a permanent basis. There were certain burroughs where only some businesses were open, leaving towns looking completely like ghost towns. Slowly this area has regrown from the ashes of what it once was in the height of our state’s greatest economic boom. When cannabis was legalized in our area, I wondered if there would be a good amount of cannabis dispensaries to shop at. There are some states with relatively strict medical cannabis laws that restrict the market to a small selection of businesses. It’s terribly strenuous to get anything, let alone a selection of numerous THC cartridges or THC-enriched capsules. Instead, the people I was with and I have a bunch of different dispensaries in our area and some offer free delivery to your residence. I have wanted to limit my trips out of the residence anyway, so getting my cannabis products delivered right to my door from the dispensary is very convenient. Plus, when you have a good selection of dispensaries, it’s so much easier to find marijuana products regularly.

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