I love that our cannabis dispensaries provide discounts for veterans

I’m usually really happy when I see one of my number one stores offering discounts to veterans.

My uncle and my Grandfather both served in devastating wars overseas, so it truly hits close to home when I remember the huge sacrifices they made to keep us safe back at home.

Some of their comrades never were able to make it back, while a ton of survivors are left ruled by the whims of deep seated post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s lamentable when you wonder how these people function throughout their days, especially if they’re struggling to hold down work positions with their mental disabilities. It doesn’t matter what store or product is in question, if I see veterans discounts available, I regularly let my family know. My uncle was able to find massive PTSD relief from vaporizing cannabis. It gives him a certain level of mental clarity that would be seriously impossible without the amazing plant-based medication. He has even started buying those THC enriched vaporizer cartridges from the dispensary that fit onto a pen-sized battery. He can use cannabis just about everywhere he goes with the privacy and discreteness of a pen vaporizer. At the same time, most of these dispensary products are very expensive. A single half-gram cartridge with over 68% THC could run someplace between $25 and $60, depending on the dispensary you happen to visit and the quality of the THC distillate that you are able to purchase. I really am glad that one of the best dispensaries that offers state-wide residential delivery also gives veterans 30% off on every order they make. This is a pretty big discount, especially if you get a fraction of the price knocked off whenever you visit the dispensary or receive a delivery to your residence. It’s really great knowing that my uncle can get some of the most excellent cannabis in the state at a highly reduced price.

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